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Triens, Rome, after 211 BC.
Head of Minerva right; four pellets above / prow of galley right; four pellets below.
Crawford 56/4.


Didrachm, 234 - 231 BC.
Laureate head of Apollo right / ROMA horse rearing left.
Crawford 26/1; Albert 59.

 Brutus, - 42 BCBrutus, - 42 BC 
Brutus, - 42 BC 

Denarius, mint in Asia Minor or Greece. Pedanius Costa, legate.
Head of Apollo right / BRVTVS IMP trophy.
Crawford 506/2; Albert 1535.

 C. Julius Caesar, - 44 BCC. Julius Caesar, - 44 BC 
C. Julius Caesar, - 44 BC 

Denarius, Rome, February - March 44.
CAESAR DICT PERPETVO wreathed head of Caesar right / P SEPVLLIVS MACER Venus standing left.
Crawford 480/11; Albert 1488.

 C. Julius Caesar, - 44 BCC. Julius Caesar, - 44 BC 
C. Julius Caesar, - 44 BC 

Denarius, Rome, 44 BC.
CAESAR DICT PERPETVO veiled head right / P SEPVLLIVS [MACER] Venus standing left, holding Victory.
Crawford 480/12; Albert 1489.

 C. MemmiusC. Memmius 
C. Memmius 

Denarius, Rome, 56 BC.
Head of Quirinus ríght / Ceres seated right on chair, holding torch and three grain ears.
Crawford 427/2; Albert 1352.

 Cn. PlanciusCn. Plancius 
Cn. Plancius 

Denarius, Rome, 55 BC.
Head of Diana Planciana right / Cretan goat standing right; quiver and bow to left.
Crawford 432/1; Albert 1360.

 Faustus Cornelius SullaFaustus Cornelius Sulla 
Faustus Cornelius Sulla 

Denarius, Rome, 56 BC.
Bust of Diana or Luna right; lituus behind / Sulla seated left on raised seat; to left, king Bocchus kneeling right; to right, Jugurtha kneeling left, with hands bound behind back.
Crawford 426/1; A. 1347.

 L. Aemilius Lepidus PaullusL. Aemilius Lepidus Paullus 
L. Aemilius Lepidus Paullus 

Denarius, Rome, 62 BC.
Head of Concordia right / Paullus to right of trophy; Perseus of Macedon and his two sons to left.
Crawford 415/1; A. 1332.

 L. Cassius CaecianusL. Cassius Caecianus 
L. Cassius Caecianus 

Denarius, Rome, 102 BC.
Head of Ceres left, wearing wreath of grain ears / yoked pair of oxen left; plow above.
Crawford 321/1; A. 1125.

 L. CensorinusL. Censorinus 
L. Censorinus 

Denarius, Rome, 82 BC.
Head of Apollo right / Marsyas standing left, holding wineskin over shoulder; behind, column.
Crawford 363/1d; A. 1254.

 L. Cornelius Lentulus and C. Claudius MarcellusL. Cornelius Lentulus and C. Claudius Marcellus 
L. Cornelius Lentulus and C. Claudius Marcellus 

Denarius, Sicily(?), 49 BC.
Triskeles with head of Medusa at center; grain ear between each leg / Jupiter standing right, holding thunderbolt and eagle.
Crawford 445/1b; A. 1378.

 L. Julius BursioL. Julius Bursio 
L. Julius Bursio 

Denarius, Rome, 85 BC.
Laureate and winged bust of Apollo Vejovis right; trident, arrow and bow to left / EX A P (ex argento publico) Victory driving quadriga right.
Crawford 352/1b; A. 1230.

 L. Marcius PhilippusL. Marcius Philippus 
L. Marcius Philippus 

Denarius, Rome, 56 BC.
Head of Ancus Marcius right / equestrian statue right on aqueduct (Aqua Marcia).
Crawford 425/1; A. 1346.

 M. Furius PhilusM. Furius Philus 
M. Furius Philus 

Denarius, Rome, 119 BC.
M FOIRI LF (sic!) head of Janus / Roma Roma standing left, crowning trophy of Gallic arms.
Crawford cf. 281/1 note; Albert cf. 1043.

 M. Lucilius RufusM. Lucilius Rufus 
M. Lucilius Rufus 

Denarius, Rome, 101 BC.
Head of Roma within laurel wreath right / Victory driving biga right.
Crawford 324/1; A. 1129.

 M. Plaetorius CestianusM. Plaetorius Cestianus 
M. Plaetorius Cestianus 

Denarius, Rome, 69 BC.
Head of Bonus Eventus(?) right / winged caduceus.
Crawford 405/5; A. 1311.

 M. VolteiusM. Volteius 
M. Volteius 

Denarius, Rome, 78 BC. 
Head of Jupiter right / temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus.
Crawford 385/1; A. 1280.

 Mark Antony, - 30 BC, and OctaviaMark Antony, - 30 BC, and Octavia 
Mark Antony, - 30 BC, and Octavia 

Cistophoric Tetradrachm, Ephesus(?), 39BC.
Laureate head of M. Antony right within wreath of ivy / bust of Octavia right above cista mystica; flanked by coiled snakes.
RPC 2201.

 Mn. Cordius RufusMn. Cordius Rufus 
Mn. Cordius Rufus 

Denarius, Rome, 46 BC.
Heads of the Dioscuri right / Venus standing left, holding scales and scepter; Cupid on her shoulder.
Crawford 463/1b; A. 1428.

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